Bakers Supply House

Bakers Supply House manufacturers the highest quality vanilla extract, baking powder, food colouring and spice mixes in the marketplace today. You can find these under the Bakers Supply House label and as well as various private label brands. We provide custom blending and packaging services for retail, industrial, and food service customers. Our facility is SQF Certified (Level 2, Version 7.2), Kosher Certified, and Organic Certified to ensure the highest safety and quantity standards with regards to all products and services we provide.


What We’re Known For


Bakers Supply House Baking Powder is made only of the highest quality ingredients available. Made with professionals in mind, perfect for home bakers.


Bakers Supply House pure and artificial vanilla extracts are made from top quality ingredients. Available in Organic, Kosher, and conventional, we have a little something for everyone.


With our large selection of spices to choose from, we can blend and package your award winning spice mix in retail packaging or in bulk.


With an increase in demand for Organics, Bakers Supply House is now PACS certified. We offer a range of organic foods for baking.

Tapioca Starch

Made from Green Banana resistant starch, Natural Evolution products range from healthful baking ingredients to beauty products. Good for gut-health, 5HTP/Seratonin, Prebiotic, Weightloss, Diabetes prevention, and much more.

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Natural Evolution

From Banana Flour to Smoothie mixes, Natural Evolution products are made from Green Banana Resistant Starch - good for Gut Health, 5HTP/Seratonin, Prebiotic, Weight loss, Prevent diabetes, Lower cholesterol, Inulin.

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