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Bakers Supply House has been in business for over 25 years and currently are located in Surrey, British Columbia. The company was formed in Victoria and worked out of a backyard garage selling baking soda and corn starch. A few years later, the product line was expanded and a small warehouse space was rented. We started experimenting with producing pure vanilla extract and word spread of the high quaintly and fantastic tasting local vanilla. With the demand for its products and logistic challenges being located on Vancouver Island, the decision was made to relocate to Vancouver.

Bakers Supply House manufactures the highest quality vanilla extract, baking powder, and spice mixes in the marketplace today. You can find these under the Bakers Supply House label and as well as various private label brands. We provide custom blending and packaging services for retail, industrial, and food service customers. Our facility is SQF Certified, Kosher Certified, and Organic Certified to ensure the highest safety and quality standards with regards to all products and services we provide.



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